Dear friends and family in Miami. I am excited to share an ambitious project to help raise money for Feeding South Florida (FSF). I have put together a catalog of 23 art pieces that I have done over the years that I would love to GIFT to you if you agree to make a donation to Feeding South Florida. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to FSF. I wish to spread hope and happiness through my ART while helping our fellow neighbors who are struggling during these difficult times. 


I am specifically addressing friends and families in Miami so I can deliver the pieces personally. Unfortunately, shipping is not an option right now.


The first step is to choose the painting that speaks to you. You will find a suggested donation value in the description of the piece. That would be the minimum amount of the donation that will secure you that piece. Let me know the name of the painting that I should reserve for you until you send me a copy of the transaction receipt from FSF. After that, I will deliver the painting directly to your door! Enjoy!!!


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