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"Everybody Needs a Rock"

There's something about rocks and stones that attracts us since many share a unique fascination for them. Their diverse colors, textures, sizes, shapes, and meanings seem to emanate a particular type of magnetic energy that pulls us in.

I definitely feel attracted to them, and I'm certainly not alone since hundreds of thousands of people share this same captivation.

"Everybody needs a rock" series is the way I express my curiosity and respect for them.

It all started when I came across a photograph of some colorful river stones that popped out of the water, creating intricate and beautiful reflections. It caught my attention so profoundly that I decided to turn it into a painting. I enjoyed the process so much that I dove head-on into the subject matter. I now have a collection of precious stones from all over the world to create my compositions. I choose which props and rocks I will use depending on the feeling I want the painting to have.

My current series, "Everybody needs a rock," has definitely captured all my attention and jolted my creative mind. I am excited about all the many possibilities that I have within this subject. Rocks can be bare and simple or intricate and complex and hold a lot of meaning depending on their story. I can play with that to express a feeling, tell a story, and show a moment in time a depiction of a meaningful object or a simple game with colors. The diversity in the subject also gives me the freedom to explore different painting techniques. Rocks can be rough, edgy, and porous, or smooth, shiny, and colorful like a jewel. The depiction of these characteristics is a joyful journey with endless possibilities. I foresee myself exploring this theme even further. I have so many ideas for new art pieces that I am confident that this series will continue growing and evolving.

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