Everybody Needs a Rock.

Rocks: Beauty and Permanence

There’s something about rocks and stones that attracts us since many share a unique fascination for them. Diverse colors, sizes, shapes, meanings - and even spirits - seem to emanate a special type of magnetic energy that pulls us in.


Indeed, these natural wonders have shared their spirit with us since the beginning of time, leading to a long-lasting relationship with humanity. Since the Stone Age, rocks were used as materials both for tools and weapons, just as they served as the solid foundations of great architecture and art. Ancient cultures have even associated them with symbols of eternity, immortality, permanence and legacy; even energy and spirit.


The ensuing longevity of these artifacts from ages past carries their association - perhaps rightfully so - with the eternal, the divine, and the spiritual world. As much as this spirituality may evoke a feeling of calm respect and admiration, it can also excite our senses and make our imaginations run wild when we think of outer space and meteors raining down from the sky.

It's clear that rocks and stones have forever been part of Mother Nature's art, and humans have been interpreting them in many ways since the beginnings of time. Admiring the colors, shapes, and sizes alone of stones can be mesmerizing. For some, precious stones even play a role in their well being, influencing emotions and states of mind. It all goes down to your own interpretation and your own fascination for them. 

I definitely feel attracted to them and I’m certainly not alone since hundreds of thousands of people share this same captivation. 

“Everybody needs a rock” series is the way I express my curiosity and respect for them. Make it your own and help me share it with you.