John Dalton gently does it ...

I had the great pleasure of collaborating with The guide Artist magazine in this interview to John Dalton. John is a brilliant interviewer that hosts a podcast in which he explores every aspect  of being an artist today through candid conversations. His uncut series is full of insightful information. Today, we interview the interviewer!

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John Dalton - the interview

The interview 

I found the world of “Living Masters” more than a year ago when I came across a list of the top realist painters working today, compiled by John Dalton. That is when my life and art practice changed forever. “I didn’t know people still painted like that,” said John, and neither did I. A world of wonders opened up in front of my eyes! Almost 200 interviews of very talented yet diverse realist painters, hours of shared technical knowledge, personal experiences within the art business, and even intimate conversations about life and politics filled my studio every day. Suddenly, my lonely days of studio practice were exciting and joyful.

John’s candid interviews taught me and encouraged me during one very challenging year. I often found myself answering the questions that John was asking the interviewer, and let me tell you, that I learned a lot about myself this way. Later, I began thinking about things that I would like to know about John. Why isn’t anybody asking him questions too?? I wondered. So I started writing everything I would like to know about him…

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